Most Valuable Tankers

About Clan

We aren't here to take a part. We are here to take over

Main goal of our clan is to build strong group of elite players. We want to develop and improve our abilities and skills by teamplay, prepare ourselves for the upcoming Clan Wars and be one of the best in the arena of clans.

To become our member you should at least meet the following requirements:

  • 65% WR 
  • 1800 average dmg 
  • 1 X tier tank with 100 battles and 2500 average dmg 
  • (We can also make some exceptions)


We expect from our members:

  • Desire and ability to teamplay 
  • Extensive knowledge about gameplay
  • Activity in game, on Band and Teamspeak


We can offer:

  • Friendly atmosphere 
  • Benefits resulting from the supply 
  • Platoons 
  • Development of abilities and skills 
  • Trainings in training rooms (when they will be available) 
  • Participation in Clan Wars (when they will be available)